The " Dear User..." Email

Just as a little simple reminder, if you ever receive an email from a courier company, a financial institution, PayPal, Bank, Tax refund, and it starts with the phrase "Dear User" or " Dear Account Holder" ALWAYS be suspicious.

These companies will ONLY ever use your full name, and thus anything else must not be trusted.

That's also not to say you should immediately trust an email from your bank that uses your full name. You should always be suspicious first, because in general, these people will not write to you via email very often, and certainly not for updating your account details by clicking a link.

If you believe the email to be real, the safest option is to go directly to their website by manually typing in their URL into your browser. That way you know for sure it's taking you to the website you expect to be going to.

As ever, be very wary about emails with links embedded that asked to be clicked on.


Posted on March 18, 2013 .