'Likes', 'Forwards' and General Mis-Information

How often do you see something pop up in your Facebook stream asking you to hit like in 5 seconds to see what happens?

Most of the time I'm guessing.

There's also the posts asking you to forward to at least 10 people.

It's all nonsense. Please don't participate.

Often these posts are offensive, and generally just plain wrong. There's nothing that happens if you hit like within a specified time, except generating a post with vast numbers of coverage. It's the chain letter/email syndrome and benefits nobody, especially as most of the posts are totally incorrect in their assertions. 

So firstly, don't be a spammer poster, secondly, don't hit like, don't hit share and generally don't interact with this net garbage.

Please pass this on to all your spammy Facebook friends in the hope that this net clogging rubbish goes away....wishful thinking...

Posted on January 12, 2013 .