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Virtual Private Networks (VPN's)

We strongly recommend using a VPN when connecting to any network that is not your own.

Once set up, it's a simple painless exercise to switch it on when you connect to a new network.

There are a number of free options, or some better paid ones, which are relatively in-expensive if you're on the road a lot and using public networks frequently.

This is ESSENTIAL if you're using a laptop for work or logging on to your bank out in public.

We like PublicVPN which is subscription based, and can be taken out for as little as a month for $6.95 (a small price to pay for piece of mind in our book)

We don't recommend HotspotVPN as they don't answer emails when you try to cancel your subscription.

Most VPN's work on Windows or Mac and have very easy to follow set up instructions.

Once you have an account, it's as simple as clic

king a network icon on your computer and logging in.

Here's a list of free VPN's none of which we've tried.