American Airlines Ticket Email

This one seems to still be doing the rounds.

Basically, and email pretending to be from American Airlines arrives telling you about either a refund, or a new ticket you have purchased.

If you click on the link, your PC will immediately be infected by a Trojan that is very difficult to remove.

So the best bet is to not be suckered in by curiosity!

There's a link here that we've not tested, but may help. Failing that, honestly, the best course of action after an infection is to wipe clean your hard drive, re-formatting, and do a fresh re-install of Windows.

However, you will lose ALL your data, so you must have had a good backup before doing this.


Backup all the data you wouldn't want to lose (documents, photos, music, videos etc)

Run a good anti-virus

NEVER click links in emails or social network sites

Good luck!

Posted on January 16, 2012 .