Apple Store Spam

This email seems to be gaining popularity, probably due to the recent iPad release.

Anybody that knows Apple or who has ever had an email relating to an Apple Store order will immediately know that it's bogus.

The design and layout is about as un-Apple is it possibly could be.

As ever, be wary of any such emails arriving in your inbox, especially if they include a number of CC addresses, and start with 'Dear Customer'

If the recipient follows the link inside the message, it will take him to a compromised webpage containing just a single linked word: "Visit". While he is wondering why the link didn't take him to the App Store, an exploit pack by the name "Eleonore" is being downloaded onto his machine. If he follows the "Visit" link in the hope of getting to the App Store page, he will be taken to a "Canadian Pharmacy" website.

The exploit pack drops a fake AV Trojan, and users should be extra careful because this particular file has only a 29% detection rate according to VirusTotal.

Posted on April 10, 2010 .