Another Adobe Update (Windows and Mac)

Adobe has released updates for Flash Player with a Tue 16th Feb release of Acrobat and Reader.

As Adobe products seem to be the target of an awful lot of exploits recently, you are urged to update those products as soon as possible.

Remember, we advise you to turn OFF javascript within Reader as a matter of course, which will prevent many vulnerabilities whenever they arise.

There are currently two bulletins:

The first bulletin, APSB10-06, is a security update for Adobe Flash
Player and Adobe AIR that addresses a critical vulnerability.
Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to make
unauthorized cross-domain requests. The bulletin indicates that the
update also addresses a potential denial-of-service issue.

The second bulletin, APSB10-07, is a security advisory for Adobe
Reader and Acrobat. This shows that Adobe is planning to
release updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat on February 16, 2010 to
address other critical security issues.


Please head here:

(both links safe as of time of posting)

Posted on February 13, 2010 .