It's really important that you regularly check all your bank and credit card statements to make sure nobody has got hold of your details and made fraudulent purchases or withdrawals from your accounts.

Finding these problems quickly can stop potential thieves before they wreak havoc with your savings and your identity.

With that in mind, I've just come across You Need A Budget.

And because I've been going through my spending with a fine tooth comb, I recently picked up a fraudulent Direct Debit to Sky TV.

Thankfully, that's been cancelled and the funds refunded by the Bank, but it's a real lesson learned.

Seems to me an odd scam to pull off, because the Sky subscription will be linked to a physical address, making tracking and prosecuting that much easier.

But anyway, be vigilant, and I actually urge you to try out YNAB yourselves.

It's a great bit of software available on Mac, PC and iOS devices, and they have a fantastic website.

And as a little gift to all our readers, if you decide to purchase a copy, use this link below for a 10% discount.

So you have budgeting and bill payment issues, or just want to save more money, it really is life changing:

YNAB 10% Discount

Posted on October 30, 2012 .